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Our courses are compilations of either recorded classes or pre-recorded courses to hold your hand as you start your journey of sourdough! There is something for everyone to learn in this space and I welcome everyone into my kitchen to learn all there is to know about bread and baking with sourdough!

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Turner Farm

Sourdough Master LIVE Class - January 20th 1pm AT

Sourdough Master LIVE Class - January 20th 1pm AT

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 For those who would like to purchase the recording of our Live Master Class that was held on ZOOM January 20th of 2024


A never taught before Live Class!! Learn the entire master recipe from start to finish with regular flour AND fresh milled flour. 

You will learn how to personally sprout your wheat berries, dry, mill and properly use for sourdough! The class will discuss what types of wheat are best to source for milling and we will also discuss whole grain flour from the grocery store and how to source properly, plus use optimally, in your sourdough. 

Whether you are new to sourdough and just learning with All Purpose or Bread flour, OR you are keen to use whole grain flour in your bread making - this class is for you! A never taught before combination of both teachings into one amazing live class with ample opportunity to ask questions and have them ALL answered. 
The class will be held LIVE on ZOOM and then recording will also be sent after the class for you to refer back to whenever you need.  This is the class for everyone of all levels to really up your bread game and understand how different types of flour behaves in sourdough, as many know, you cannot just sub 1:1 with fresh milled - and this class will review my entire process to how best to make it work, plus what to expect from your dough. 
We will also dive deeply into sourdough starters,  how to work with them in different seasons and why you should NEVER toss your starter.

This will be a longer class than normal and very in depth.
Join me this January for this one-time offered live class+recording. 
Can't wait to see you there!

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