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Turner Farm

The Farm

Turner Farm is nestled into the coastal countryside of rural Nova Scotia, with many wooded acres and rolling pastures dotted through out. The forests are filled with paddocks of heritage pigs, rooting and mud bathing and napping beneath the canopy of leaves above them. They feast on native grasses and roots. They need very little shelter here, even in the harsh winters, for the woods are densely populated with evergreens for the ultimate roof overhead. The pastures are slowly filling with black cows - Most specifically Black Angus and F1 Wagyu cows. They, too, enjoy the shade from the trees in all seasons and grow thick fuzzy winter coats to shield them from the elements. Daniel and Ashley Turner began farming in 2018, what started out as a few chickens and a few acres has quickly grown to over 300 acres of land and a growing operation of livestock. On the farm side they raise their cattle and pigs, but on the homestead side, Ash still raises her flock of laying hens and her Jersey cows to milk for their family. She also teaches monthly live sourdough classes to an expanding worldwide audience.

Sourdough Classes

Three different classes catering all to separate parts of your process, which include Learning the basics from the ground up, advancing your processes and skills through proper tension building, inclusions and more, and lastly learning what to do with all the discard you have in the fridge - storing it and using it. Click the classes below for more specific information on each class, or to register for the next available cass date.All classes are held live via zoom.


Sourdough Club

A subscription-based monthly membership.If you find yourself craving more one-on-one help with your sourdough process. More opportunities to ask questions in a weekly live zoom class setting, more recipes and technique breakdown. You might consider joining the Sourdough Club. Monthly classes which are recorded and available to watch anytime, bi-weekly live Q&A with Ash, the introduction of new recipes and concepts, seasonal hacks, guest presenters and so much more. In this club, you will get continual hand-holding as you make your way through your sourdough journey. All levels welcome to join!

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Our Story

Ashley and Daniel and their two children moved to a few acres of land on the coast of Nova Scotia in 2017, their intention never to farm but with a backseat interest of being self sustainable. The next year they got a couple pigs to raise for their family and what was once a backseat interest became a growing passion to self produce the food they eat and turn it into a sustainable farm.Having no farming background, they were about the discover what a former yoga teacher and business man were really in for. Fast forward four years, they now operate on over 300 acres of vast wood and pasture land, with a forest full of pigs and a growing herd of cattle.Ash teaches live sourdough classes to a worldwide audience. The kitchen and the milk stanchion are her favourite places to be, while Daniel could spend hours in the field with the cows. Their intention is to continue growing their herds to supply local customers with their pork and beef as well as expanding and developing the surrounding acreage to a flourishing, pasture based, sustainable farm on the coastline of rural Nova Scotia.

F1 Wagyu Beef

It is our goal at Turner Farm to create a premium, high quality beef, which brought us to this strategic choice of breed. F1 wagyu have smaller calves that grow well and our black angus cows have wonderful dispositions and mothering instincts. They thrive here with the cooler summer temperatures and breeze off the ocean, and fair well in the cold, harsher winters.Wagyu beef has a gene that is "switched on," which other breeds of cattle do not have, it basically converts poly-saturated fatty acids (or bad fats) into mono saturated fatty acids (good fats), making it not only rich in flavour but in health benefits too. The fat itself also has a very low melting point, so it basically melts away as soon as it begins cooking giving you that signature flavour it is known for. Wagyu cattle have flat muscles, so they are a leaner looking breed, taking longer to finish and delivering the highest quality to your dinner plate.While we are early in our program, we have chosen to breed a full-blood wagyu bull to our pure bred black angus cows to produce an F1 wagyu offspring, boasting a velvety smooth, melt in your mouth texture that also has those angus components that hang onto that rich beefy flavour with superior marbling.In conjunction with our F1 Wagyu, we also raise black angus beef.

Black Beauty Pigs

We raise what we adoringly refer to as Black Beauty pigs. We have crossed pure bred Berkshire sows to our Chinese Meishan boar - one of the few of his kind in Canada. The result? A larger, all black pig with great big floppy ears that is hardy to our colder climate ad closely resemble a Large Black pig.This combination of breed produces beautiful darker pork with marbling through out that melts away as it's cooked. The ground patties are the best you will ever taste in your life because of the richness in flavour and fat.We also understand that pigs store a lot of toxins in their fat - more so than any other animal - it is important to us to make sure our pigs live a stress free life, with ample space to act like pigs, and high quality feed.At this time we are producing some of the only Black Beauty pigs in Canada.We are proud to be offering meat boxes coming in 2021 to our local customers.


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