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Our courses are compilations of either recorded classes or pre-recorded courses to hold your hand as you start your journey of sourdough! There is something for everyone to learn in this space and I welcome everyone into my kitchen to learn all there is to know about bread and baking with sourdough!

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Turner Farm

Sourdough Discard Class

Sourdough Discard Class

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A class devoted to your Discard! When you feed your starter you will always have some leftovers, this is called discard. This class dives into how to properly store and use your discard in dozens of other recipes outside of just bread!

Recipes and topics include:

  • The difference between using your discard to make both fermented and non fermented discard recipes. 
  • Demonstrated fermented recipes.
  • A comprehensive PDF that includes over several more discard recipes to add to your repertoire.

If you're curious what to do with that giant jar of discard in your fridge, this class is for you!

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